Don't expect this to be The Coconut Club-esque sort of hipster Nasi Lemak that comes with loads of emphasis at the price tag you are paying for. It's a $18++ Nasi Lemak that you are looking at here served in a restaurant at a boutique hotel that's meant to showcase local flavours — the Nasi Lemak here is a more refined version of the coffeeshop variants we had grew up liking for supper, so expect more controlled flavours here rather than the boldness of the ones we love.

The LOCAL Nasi Lemak comes with coconut rice, slow-cooked chicken rendang, nonya achar, peanuts and Ikan Bilis and a sambal egg. The rice carries a light whiff of coconut fragrance; just a very light touch, while the rice is actually decently moist and carries a good texture. Found the flesh of the chicken to be considerably tender though a little difficult to come off from the bone, while it carries a good flavour from the rendang which is fragrant from the spices and is rather creamy and lemak. Nonya achar was refreshing; crunchy and tangy while the Ikan Bilis were crisp — none of that chewy, aired-out nonsense here. Not too bad overall, though its pretty certain locals wouldn't be the ones shelling out $18++ for a plate of Nasi Lemak here.