The chillies were weak.

This was very well executed though, there's some smokiness and the sweet glaze worked extremely well with the tender beef ribs

This price is pretty reasonable, since the execution is like an upscale restaurant and the portion is generous too.

We tot it wouldnt be enough for two but surprisingly what we ordered(plus 1 rice) filled us to the brim, we didn't even finish some rice and we had no space for dessert

Here's the verdict for this place:
When researching this place, I poured through many reviews(everything from burpple and maybe half of the reviews on Google). Is it going to be a atas rendition of nasi lemak that does the dish justice or is it another place that just bamboozled tourists and foreigners?

As usual the answer lies between the two extremes, I saw that many people had complaints regarding the food, so either not everything is good or they have consistency issues. The two dishes I chose were after careful consideration and they delivered, more than expectation actually. If youre coming here just for these 2, I'd say it's well worth your effort and money. Based on the reviews they seem consistent, no one said anything bad about them. If u come for other things you might very well be sorely disappointed and think it's extremely overpriced.

For these 2 dishes the pain points were worth. Pain points being the rules are seriously confusing, about where you can research and how the different levels have different menus at different times(the problem is that they overlap, during lunch both levels have the nasi lemak set, for example, I think)

Manage expectations, choose the right dishes, and this place might well be worth your time