😄 They dun charge entry fee and no restrictions on minimum order or anything like that. Surprised that their lasagne (chicken) tasted so good, the texture is just right, the sauce is not too cheesy and go very well with right amt of tomatoes base. Just keep wanting for anth bite; hope the portion can be bigger ($16.90++). The waffles ($10.30++) was crispy yet felt that it needed more flavour. Ice creams, durian and strawberry short cake flavour, so-so. The food went down very quickly and not noticeable cos busy admiring at doggies. 🐩🐕🐶 forget take pic of dogs food. Excited and busy feeding them. 😂 recommend to buy the stick thingy with cheese dip ($8.90++) can tear into smaller pieces and feed all of them easily without a mess. Had a good time, advanced-monthsary date.. #tgif #thepoodlecafe #poodles #doggies #sgfood #burpple