We arrived at the place at around 3.30pm, made our order and asked what time they were closing since there were just a few occupied tables. The waitress did not bother to open her mouth but gave a begrudging sign on her fingers to indicate they are closing at 4pm. Fine, we thought as 30 mins is plenty of time for a quick drink and a Kaya roll.

We noticed that another staff was starting to stack and pushed the tables very roughly and loudly 5 mins later, trying to make it very clear they want to close.

At around, 3.45pm, the waitress came and forcefully try to take away our drinks even though I have 80% of the drinks left in my cup. Being in a good mood, I told her that I will be done soon as I understood that she and their other stuff are probably in a hurry to get off work. She came 30 seconds later and try the same thing. Again, In good mood, I told her give me another 2 mins and I should be done and I said I do not want to hold her and her other teammates from their weekend plans. Despite that, she came 30 secs later and just grabbed my unfinished drink away in a most unpleasant manner. It was around 3.48pm when I overcome the shocking treatment.

Whilst I do not care about this place or ever visiting it again ( I was only there because my friend wanted local coffee in a clean environment in the vicinity) , I think this is something that the management should really look into.

I have experienced similar atrocious service at one of the other group’s establishment Tigerlily, that resulted in my regular dining buddy has seared off that place, even though I am a lot more forgiving.

For this experience, I am writing off Chin Mee Chin for good. There are plenty of good coffee places in the neighbourhood and we really do not need to put up with the lowest tier of service