If the Kurobuta Pork Cheek is the dish that defines the character of South Union Park's menu revision, the Passionfruit Carrot Fondant would be the dessert of the same calibre. It's an utterly inventive and creative approach of tearing down the familiar Carrot Cake and repackaging the soul of it in a different form. The cake comes with passionfruit white chocolate ganache within, while topped with Froyo (that itself was a textural galore — thick, dense but still able to melt; its hard to describe in words) and candied ginger and sitting atop a pool of carrot puree. It's interesting how everything works here — the spices flavours in the cake and candied ginger, crunchy sunflower seeds, the carrot puree and the zingy passionfruit-infused white chocolate cake; it's something familiar in flavour but not quite the usual that is still very well-executed. One of those desserts that works in terms of flavour and texture, but also fun to have especially with a group of friends as well!