Saw quite a number of posts here by fellow Burpple Tastemakers of this new Thai eatery at Tan Quee Lan Street and hence decided to try it out.

Definitely a bowl of Thai Wanton Mee that does not disappoint — the condiments fills up the bowl so much that the noodles are just hidden in plain sight. The generous portion of fried garlic, shallots and crispy pork lard works in my favour — all of which are things I love and gives different varying contrasts of savoury flavours to the bowl while the noodles were nothing short of springiness. It also comes with greens, tender slices of pork collar as well as well-filled wantons that contain a bit of peppery flavour and a little chew from the meat. Would definitely be back to try the other items that they have to offer.

(PS: spam the chili powder in for maximum impact; the chili powder adds just a good level of spicy kick that brings the noodles to the next level when mixed in — Thai Wanton Noodles are never Thai if one skips the chili powder)