Tonight's pretty amazing dinner situation at L'Entrecôte. First thing they serve you after ordering is a complimentary glass of wine! 🍷 (You've won me over already)

After clinking glasses with your dining partner, in comes the walnut green salad in a light tangy dressing and warm bread. You'll need all the veggies you can get to feel better about yourself thanks to free-flow fries.

When the steak arrives, it comes slathered in sauce and in a decent looking pile. Mine was cooked perfectly – medium rare and delightfully pink. Don't expect crazy buttery wagyu level beef, it was quite lean but tender and very nice. Surprise, that's only half of it too, they actually keep another half your steak till later to keep it warm! 😛(So there's actually quite a lot)

Now, the sauce here is described as legendary. Judging by our performance (we inhaled everything on the beef and got sauce refills THREE times while mopping everything up with the fries), I'd say they aren't exaggerating. It's like this thick, meaty, mushroomy gravy with a hit of vinaigrette. Since it was a secret recipe, the waitress was tight-lipped about it but it won't matter after I break in and raid their secret safe. All in all, a good meal fer sure.