first thing is RLY AMAZING SERVICE 😫🙏🏻 tbh literally alm HDL standard type of care in the way they talk to u, except that they tend to want to clear your plates before you're done which is abit 😮‍💨.

anw, next thing would be that they do their meats much better than their pasta & pizzas (at least from what we tried - truffle carbonara iberico & smoked salmon pizza).

starting off w the good (all the josper grillers...):
💖 the striploin steak ($25++) - juicy and flavourful, albeit a little overly salty.
💖 lamb shank ($25++) - absolutely fall off the bone tender. alot like elevan strands' actually if you've had that!
💖 honey glazed pork ribs ($22++) - crowd fav among those i went with. had a good charred flavour & perf amount of fattiness w the meat so that it wasn't too dry
💖 habanero spring chicken ($23++) - menu said a little spicy but i (a mala xiaola eater) lowkey DIED. while my other friends found it tasty & fine
💖 the mash that came with some dishes were SOOOO yummy i couldn't stop eating it

the not so good:
🫣 truffle pasta ($18++) - boring & the portion was small. the iberico in it was kind of weirdly QQ also. made me feel like i was eating rat meat 😮‍💨
🫣 smoked salmon pizza ($18++) - pretty sad for a pizza with the super hard crust & limited ingredients on top. would give this one a hard pass
🫣 fries were kinda soggy & meh

cocktails!!!! NO to the strawbs mojito (tasted sm like minty cough syrup), YES to sea breeze & vodka sunset.

bill came to $162.60 for 6 mains, 3 cocktails, 1 wine & 1 canned green tea after burpple beyond. pretty affordable i'd say. w/o drinks, it would have only been ~$15/pax! price is steep w/o discount though. highly recommend.