Yet another spot to get your alcoholic Root Beer fix if Bukit Batok is simply too far from you — the various types of beer, ciders and other alcoholic drinks from The Rawr Kitchen are also available at On Tap in Chinatown Complex Market. No doubt I would prefer the fizzier and fresher Root Beer served straight out from the tap at the main brewery within The Rawr Kitchen which is also nearer to me, but if that is simply just too far for eastie friends this makes for a good alternative in a location that is more central for most.

PS: Check out Rudy's Snack Bar right beside On Tap for some grub such as fries, chewy fish crackers and chicken drumlets and more during evenings on Tues to Sat if you are in need of more "westernized grub" to go along with your beers; didn't have the stomach to try but definitely noticed a bunch of people who are having drinks ordering some food from them as well — the same particular stall seems to be operated under the main tenant (operating with the name reflected on the signboard) selling Chinese fare in the day.