McDonald's Singapore is launching their new #CONFIRMSHIOK menus today, yes! TODAY.

Ranging from salted-egg yolk chicken burger, salt&pepper crab curly fries, to gula melaka mcflurry! Now, beat that! πŸ˜‚ Being very hungry -- i ordered em all 😏. Chicken was tender and juicy [can't really taste the salted-egg tho], Mcflurry was served with bits of 'kueh lapis' crunch [this too, can't really taste the gula melaka], if anything worth buying, I'll say the curly fries. It was F L A V O R F U L.
πŸ” set! [W/o the banana pie]
🍦 Gula Melaka Mcflurry
πŸ’° S$11.20
🏠 @mcdsg
πŸ“ Changi Airport T3

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