Visited the new KYŌ Kohee situated at 144 Robinson Road within the Central Business District of Singapore within somewhat of a walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. The Japanese-inspired takeaway coffee bar is situated just a couple of doors away from the recently re-located The Betterfield that is also at Robinson Road. Being a coffee bar with a Japanese influence, the interior can be said to be kept as simple as possible, with a dash of wooden accents around to maintain an aesthetic that makes the interior feel warm and close to nature. The menu features mainly beverages here due to the concept that KYŌ Kohee is intended to be — patrons can opt between specialty coffee, non-coffee beverages such as Chocolate Milk or a Cold Brew Royal Milk Tea, as well as a selection of Japanese brewed tea (think Sencha) and Matcha offerings as well. For those who are looking for a small bite or something sweet, they do also offer Affogato and Croffles as well.

The Iced KYŌ Coffee is undoubtedly their signature offering here; also the only item here they bears the namesake of the shop itself. Using beans that are roasted by Allpress Espresso, the Iced KYŌ Coffee can be said as an item that seemingly resembles that of a coffee “milkshake” that is made undoubtedly by folks who seem to know quite a fair bit about coffee — nothing like the sickening sweet concoctions that commercial outfits love to serve up, but one that really puts the effort in showcasing the flavour profiles of the coffee used here. Saw them preparing our order and was pretty intrigued by how they had used a frother for the shot of espresso before pouring the espresso into the cup of chilled milk — the process seemingly helps to aerate the espresso to give someone of a texture that is still liquid, yet also resembles somewhat of a micro-foam; provides a thick texture that once stirred into the chilled milk, gives the beverage a distinct nutty and earthy flavour profile with the milk providing a further depth of the said flavours of the coffee. A very interesting condition, and also one that we actually really quite enjoyed.

Whilst being a coffee bar, we were impressed with how the folks behind the counter are actually as knowledgeable in teas as well and does do their Senchas pretty well too — was recommended to have the iced version of their Sencha Yabukita and we were also pretty taken by how the tea seemed to exude a light, but evident hint of the tea that was easy on the taste buds; a very light and refreshing drink that seem to open up the appetite as well without being particularly sharp (or as I would call, a rude awakening). With the lifting of more of the restrictions that were previously in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, the opening of KYŌ Kohee is pretty timely for the office folks returning back to their workplace — a new spot to check out to grab that daily cuppa!