Virgin trip to the kith Cafe and being a oh-so-not adventurous person, i ordered the Big Breakfast. I mean, what can go wrong with a big breakfast right?! And bingo, this was a one fantastic big breakfast. Ok first, portion. Portion was huge. Ok, maybe not that huge but satisfying to the tummy. Salad was ok (i dont rlly like greens so), the multigrain bread i chose was super crisp and super good! Tasted great alone and even better with the salted butter. Scrambled eggs were done really well and the bacon has just the right amount of saltiness and crisp to it but nothing too wow about it. What i really liked most about the big breakfast was the spicy tomato beans and bratwurst sausage! A powerful kick of flavour that lingers in my mouth. N!CE^^ For just $17 for a big breakfast its definitely worth a go for people who wants a big hearty meal & be satisfying to their tums ^^