\\ Braised Beef Shortplate
Sliced Braised Beef in Spicy Sesame Sauce with Pickled Ginger. I don't eat beef but my dining partners all mention that this was good and a little spicy.

\\ Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken with five spices, preserved orange and calamansi. This just tastes like popcorn chicken with dried orange skin and powdered with plum, salt, pepper and spices. The chicken is tender and succulent while the seasoning makes it very addictive.

\\ Sautéed Cod Fish with Bean Paste
Fried Cod Fish with Shiitake Mushrooms in Dou Ban Jiang Sauce. This was a little dry and did not fared as well as compared to the other dishes.

\\ Lu Rou
Signature Braised Pork Belly with Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui) in Haus Sauce. The pork belly is braised for at least 10 hours in an aromatic mix of spices before being transformed into a thick and savoury gravy. The slab of pork belly is tender, fatty and gelatinous that requires minimal effort to chew before it melts in the mouth. 

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy four $15 Ala Carte Dish for the price of 2 ✌ (U.P $60)