Tucked round the corner from the escalator is this unassuming little burger joint - Kay's! They serve up pretty good burgers with simple sides of fries or onion rings, depending on what you'd like!

One of the burgers we tried was #TheHype-Burg, also known as the Salted Egg Chicken burger. With the whole hype going on about salted egg, there'd be a certain expectation to this burger & I must say, it definitely lives up to it's hyped name! The owners have added some chilli padi to the salted egg sauce, giving you that extra punch (without killing you) & ensuring that you can gobble that whole burger down within seconds without complaining about it being too jelat.

The chicken thigh was thick & juicy & I really liked how they added a huge slice of grilled pineapple, which helped with cutting out the possible jelat-ness of the sauce (if you're not a fan).

Another plus point would be that, it is a halal-certified store! So now we can all add it to our list of stores to bring your Muslim friends too!