It's a no from me. The decor is average at best. It's small and looks like a room.

Staff is the biggest problem. The staff is really pushy and hellbent to prove he is smarter than you. Every dish I ordered, he had an opinion about it. Even though the place projects itself as classy, you could hear the staff giggle and gossip in the kitchen, from your seat. The wait staff messed up my coffee. I asked for truffle coffee, he gave me a simple cappuccino. Later had the guts to tell me that iced Cappuccino is a better choice. I asked for camomile tea, he gave me lemon tea, as he thought that's better. My wife got upset and got it changed.

The food is very well presented. Setting is nice and ingredients seem fresh. The problem is the portion size. I am a really light eater. I can survive on snack and coffee. But I felt as if I didn't even have lunch. I had to eat cup noodles at home after.
The photo is of the main dish. Beef steak. Speaks for itself.

I seriously don't know what the hype is all about? I am very easy to please. Most my reviews are 4 or 5. This one sadly is a big miss. We paid close to $300 without drinks. Coffee and tea was included in the sets. So light snack and water for 300. No thank you.

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