Small eatery on the outside of the mall, and you need to exit via the main entrance in order to access. They have daily promotions and deals; I went on a Thursday which happened to be their Salmon Ikura Don 1-for-1 promo, so we dined without the Burrple deal which we would have otherwise used for the same order. Note that the place is small with limited seating, hence you are advised to reserve if you wish to dine during peak hours.

Boy: found serving on the smaller side and not filling enough. Salmon slices seemed tougher than usual. Rates it 5/10. "Not nice leh," he said.

Girl: serving size is smaller than usual dons but okay. Did not enjoy the sashimi as they were tough, and was served sparingly. Ikura serving was sufficient and relatively fresh, however rice could also be better seasoned. Did not have the fragrance of good quality pearl rice and needed more vinegar. Would rate 6/10.

Overall I would say it is very affordable with daily promos. Don alone would come up to $9 per person post taxes. Not my first choice if I'm craving a good don but wouldn't mind if I'm near the vicinity.