Chance upon this hidden gem in Tampines when decided to explore some old estates over the weekend.
Located in the Coffeeshop side by side with a rather popular bah Chor noodle stall.

The stall serve the similar snack selection like most Ngo Hiang stall has. What set it apart was the freshness of the ingredients ; it’s chilli sauce and it’s presentation of food that totally blow my mind. Let’s dive into the detail.

Ngo Hiang - they have typical cured cuttlefish; fried prawn cracker; chestnut cake ; bean curb ; cured sausages and etc which spell freshness . It also serve the rare pig liver Ngo Hiang that was hard to find nowadays. Owner has also the skill to fry the ingredients and yet not oily which the plate has not much oil left.

Chilli sauce - typical chilli sauce are hot which also serve along with sweet sauce. Not for this stall which they only serve one kind of chilli sauce. The sauce spiciness is acceptable and is of savoury with hint of garlic and serve with fresh ground peanuts.

Presentation - Probably one of the most innovative usage to serve to food which owner uses metallic plates for putting in Ngo Hiang ; bee hoon and chilli sauce. The chilli sauce saucer plate was like a rice cake saucer plate made of aluminium which I think is really good idea and nostalgic.

Total 11 ingredients in this picture plus 2 plates of bee hoon cost me $15 which is reasonable in comparison with other Ngo Hiang Stall.

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