One of the more eye-catching restaurants under #burpplebeyond at πŸ“Suntec City, @madforgarlicsg offers pizzas, pastas, and mains with a focus on well... garlic. I quite liked the dark, mysterious interior of this corner restaurant, which lends it a swankier feel than other cafes at this price range.

This pizza was simple yet stunning. The toppings had us scratching our head because they comprised shrimp, pineapples, garlic chips, and decadent layer of parmesan cheese, but they all came together beautifully. I also loved the cripsy thin crust, which I found myself devouring even though I usually leave my pizza crusts aside.

I was on the fence about asking them to ditch the pineapple but I'm glad I kept them on because they really helped cut through the pungent garlic chips. A must try to stave off the vampires!