4⭐ Had dinner at Hai Tien Lo to celebrate Mum's birthday. Ordered the signature crispy chicken which has a light tea taste. Meat is juicy and the skin is so thin and crispy. Ordered the BBQ platter and fried rice which WB and I ate before. WB loves the roasted pork bcos it's so lean. I loves the Char Siew bcos it uses Iberico pork which is not so lean. The prawn dish and tofu dish pale in comparison to Si Chuan Dou Hua. Also ordered the Yu Mai Cai which is cooked with fermented beancurd and yet it's not salty.
As it's blackout period hence the GHA membership dining is not applicable, otherwise it can be stack with the current Amex discount for $100 off with minimum spending of $400.
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