Nothing compares to a handmade confection picked up at a homey bakery. The selection may be limited, but the cakes are freshly baked daily and the flavours are simply more divine — perfect for both young and old to enjoy! Case in point, the Takoh Belle ($50 for whole cake /$6.50 per slice) from Out of the Cake Box is a delectable baked cheesecake with a homegrown spin — it is infused with fresh pandan extract! The cheesecake is topped with a frothy sweet corn mousse before finishing off with a sturdy coconut custard. It's a lot going on, but thankfully the flavours are well-balanced, never overwhelming and it all comes together beautifully — just be sure to get every layer of the cake in a forkful! Plus, the garnishes here are top notch — just look at the takoh (it means little basket in Thai), which is made out of a strip of pandan leaf that cradles mini cubes of nata de coco and sweetened corn kernels. Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for their elusive Mango Sticky Rice ($48.80 for whole cake / $6 per slice) that is only available when Thai honey mangoes are in season!
*Whole cakes have to be ordered two days in advance
Photo by Burppler Elaine Koh