@onigiriplanet.sg sells Okinawa-style rice ball that comes in the shape of sandwiches, with luncheon meat and egg omelette!

I fondly miss eating such rice sandwich balls in Okinawa, so very happy to know that I can have a taste of it in Singapore now too!

There are many choices for the sushi sandwich and the prices start from as low as $4.90!

Featured here is the Ebi Tempura ($6.90) and the Peanut Butter Chicken Katsu ($6.90). The Peanut Butter Chicken Katsu one was soo unique! It was not weird at all actually! Loved the crispy ebi tempura with mentaiko sauce!

You can also get the value combo set to add on sides or drinks!

For the sides, choose from creamy croquette, mentaiko fries or honey mustard fries!

For the drinks, they have black tea, honey lemon or green tea!

Simple comfort food that is made fresh only upon order, so you will get them hot and warm!

Find them at Hillion Mall #B2-36!

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