Coexist Coffee Co. should not be an unfamiliar name to most at this point of time β€” the brand did seem to have gone through a huge a fair bit ever since our previous visit to their Lifelong Learning Institute location at Paya Lebar. Since then, Coexist Coffee Co. had moved out of their Keong Saik Road location; they had also did renovations for their Hillview location where the distinctive half red and half white decor theme of the space had been switched up for a fully grey interior decor scheme. Scrolling through social media one day, we had come across a recent post by Coexist Coffee Co. announcing the release of their line-up of Mille Crepes at both outlets; the two (2) flavours being released by Coexist Coffee Co. being the Tiramisu Mille Crepe and the Pistachio Mille Crepe.

Thought that the Pistachio Mille Crepe was fairly interesting when we had first seen Coexist Coffee Co.’s announcement about the release of their Mille Crepes. Priced at $9, the Pistachio Mille Crepe from Coexist Coffee Co. is actually sized slightly larger than what we expected it to be. As we dug into the Pistachio Mille Crepe, we found the Pistachio Mille Crepe to have been better executed than most other versions served at non-commercialised establishments β€” one noticeable thing that we quite liked about the Pistachio Mille Crepe here was how it was tightly-packed; sufficiently so in a way that the cake still maintained its structural integrity without toppling or with the layers shifting out of position until towards the final few forkfuls left of the cake to finish. The layers of crepes in the Pistachio Mille Crepe are paper-thin; especially delicate whilst spread with pistachio-infused pastry cream that gels everything together. There is a light whiff of nuttiness amidst the lightly creamy notes of the pastry cream here, but the finely-chopped pistachio that is dusted over the surface and also the embedded within further enhances the nutty flavours of the Mille Crepe. We paired our order with the Sweet Pear Cold Brew, which is said to comprise of elements such as Sencha, Bai Mu Dan, Pear, Mango, Pineapple and Rosebuds; a cold brew tea that comes with a surprisingly strong floral aroma that helps cleanses and refresh the palate.