I’m sure you probably have tried @88hongkongroastmeatspecialist if you’re a roasted meat fan just like me. Located in the Lavender/ Jalan Besar area, they are not to be missed as there’s always a long queue for their Cantonese roasts. You can have your roasted meat with rice or noodles though we just went for the meat as we had a heavy breakfast. We paid $16 in total for this plate of meat that’s roasted in charcoal.

Unlike most hawker roasted meat joints, you’ll enjoy thick cut slices of roasted pork belly. When it’s cut thickly, the juiciness and flavour of the roasted meat is retained as it’s the case here. Just recall the times of how pathetically thin some places cut their roasted pork that it’s tasteless and just limp pieces of meat.

Love the crispy crackling that’s so deliciously salty and the thick blob of fat that melts perfectly in your mouth. As for the meat itself, it’s is tender and flavourful. You can taste the fragrant five spice powder in the meat.

I count roasted pork as one of my favourite dishes and this is one place to try if you want a wallet friendly option.

Will return to try their roasted duck and wanton mee.