At $5.50/pc, the portion size did match up to the price tag. Taste wise- there’s nothing much to shout about with respect to the chou pastry. Other than a crisp shell that did an amazing job staying crisp despite the luscious custard that it holds, it tastes rather mainstream and did not bring any aroma that I had expected. For comparison purposes, I think Beard papa’s puff pastry were a lot more aromatic. On the custard filling, they were luscious, smooth and creamy but nothing out of the ordinary as well. Baristart’s pastry wow-ed me more with the oozy consistency and aromatic custard. Pantler’s rendition was more jelly like. The only unique selling point would be the caramelised bits mixed into the custard. Having said that, you’d find this a plus point only if you’re a fan of caramel. Personally, I just felt it’s rather underwhelming that the highlight of the chou pastry is the caramelised crunch, rather than the pastry shell and custardy interior.