McGriddles is back! This year there’s an even bigger and better version in the form of the McGriddles Stack. Double chicken sausage patties, cheese, fried egg and chicken bacon sandwiched between two maple flavoured griddle cakes. Sounds good isn’t it?

There’s a balanced sweet and savoury taste in every single bite. Such a wholesome and hearty breakfast to have and best to wash it down with some iced Milo.

You can guess by now that this is my favourite Macs breakfast item and I was gutted when it was taken off the permanent menu. So I always make sure I have it when they make their annual appearance. The best thing is that it’s available throughout the day. So night owls need not worry about missing out.

It’s one of those items where there are polarising opinions of it. As you can see, I’m all for this.

If you haven’t got your hands on it, get it while it lasts. Otherwise you gotta wait till next year.