went in not expecting much because it's zichar in a hotel/atas kind of place but wow this rly was quite an impressive meal!! the mantous ($2.40/4pcs) were soft and pillowy on the inside with just the right crisp on the outside!!!! better than haidilao's if i do say so myself 😎 the red curry fish fillet ($26) was not overfried so it was crunchy without being hard/scratchy to the mouth + the flavour of the curry was sooo good & lemak (p spicy tho!); the sg chilli style prawns ($26) that are supposed to be a rendition of sg's chilli crab was okay - not rly spicy nor tomato-ey & the prawns were a little mushy, so average (wouldn't get it again tho); the grilled rojak kangkong w squid ($24) was SO good with so much wokhei & some rojak flavour wow!!!!! delicious fr πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ last but not least the hakka red wine chicken claypot ($28) was not overpowering with alcohol flavour and the chicken was tender & generous in portion. yummy meal!!!! drinks were not diluted either. would be back again w burpple beyond, else it's kinda pricey for the portion given~

ps: they charge 50c for water & for the wet tissue packets!