Rive Gauche Patisserie has a new outlet at Citylink Mall, and it's also probably the first outlet that features a dine-in area for the cakes. Seemingly new here is also the offering of soft-serve; only a single flavour is available though with multiple flavour combinations (there's a Banana and also an Affogato as well), and it's made from Hokkaido Milk by Yotsuba Milk Products in Japan.

First taste reveals a smooth soft serve that's pretty milky, though the flavour fades as the cool temperature settles in the mouth. The strawberries variant sees nuts, cornflakes, strawberry chunks and strawberry sauce; the chunks of strawberries gives it some bite and tart flavour while the strawberry sauce gives that level of sweetness and flavour reminiscent to McDee's strawberry sundae (it's a staple in my life over all these years ever since McDee's started selling them). The nuts give it a crunch, while the cornflakes lay at the bottom to provide more to crunch. Portion could probably feed two pax, unless you are pretty much like me and can open a second stomach for desserts 😂

(PS: as much as this is meant to be a takeaway item, would probably appreciate if they could change the plastic disposable bowls they use for the item. Sure, it's easy to hold, but the base is so narrow one would have to hold onto it even when eating at a table before it topples on the heavier end due to the weight imbalance.)

LOL. I think I have second, third, fourth stomach for desserts, especially Koki puffs, ice cream and Chateraise. 🙊🙊