From the newly-launched menu of Tenth by Yellow Submarines — the space of Tenth by Yellow Submarines mainly taking up the second floor that sees a revamped interior though ordering is still at the same counter that belongs to Yellow Submarines, and that one can order items from either side and dine at either levels.

Its one item that is plainly generic from the molten chocolate lava to the ice-cream (they are pretty flexible with the ice-cream flavours one can pick here; one can also opt out of the ice-cream at a lower price); both rather predictable in flavours and can be a little overly sweet especially when finishing it alone. That being said, I am probably most impressed with the consistency of the cookie here (available in both Chocolate and Matcha flavours) — the cookie tastes and feels like a cookie unlike other places which serves similar fare that I have tried; this one was buttery, crumbly, crusty and isn't limp and overly soft to be cake-like. Sure, it's not mind-blowing awesome (and I would never find such desserts so, I guess), but it's great for being what it is.