Love white carrot cake? Give Hup Huat White Carrot Cake (02-35) a try when you’re at Hainanese Village Food Centre. Only serving white carrot cake, it’s presented differently from your typical carrot cake as it’s cooked in squares, has a pancake like thickness and presented in a flower shape.

The homemade carrot cake cubes are soft and you can actually taste the radish itself. I noticed the cubes are relatively tiny compared to the ones you can find elsewhere.

The carrot cake is well coated with eggs. In fact the egg is pan fried till crispy and nicely coats the carrot cake cubes. And this gives it a nice oomph. This is different from most carrot cake where the egg is cooked till fluffy and doesn’t shape the flavour profile of the dish.

We added chilli sauce to the carrot cake for a spicer touch. As the chilli is well spread throughout the dish, I felt it blended too well into the dish and couldn’t taste it. Perhaps it isn’t too spicy for me to make a difference.

There’s a queue number system in place and you got to wait for a good 15-20 minutes at most. It’s a good carrot cake but I wouldn’t make the special journey out to Hainanese Village for this.