It’s dim sum o’clock here!! Honestly I’ve tried a lot of bolo buns in HK and SG, and Tai Cheong really does one of the best bolo buns. They even serve the bun warm and with a huge slab of butter which complements the bun and the crispy crackly top so well 🤤👌

The egg tarts were also buttery and perfectly crumbly upon sinking your teeth in. I love that it does break apart so easily and isn’t so thick either! What more can I say about the egg custard - it’s smooth, silky and luscious, without having an overpowering egg-y smell. 💯

I would also like to reco the pandan tart as I find it quite underrated. The pandan has a very natural colour (if you know what I mean!) and the pandan taste was distinct in every bite, definitely a must get for people who love the aromatic pandan fragrance. It’s been a long time since I had these and I’m honestly craving for them now :,)

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