I visited Qiu Jin Xiao Chao at Harbourfront Centre for dinner with a friend recently. This is the brand’s first ever overseas outlet, after successfully expanding its presence across various regions of China, serving authentic Sichuan dishes. We tried:

~Stir-Fried Rattan Chicken ($15.80)
~Sour & Spicy Golden Beef ($15.80)
~Traditional Sichuan Stir-Fry Pork Belly ($14.80)
~Black Pepper Fried Rice ($7.80)
~Wagyu Mapo Tofu ($14.80)
~Fried Shredded Potato ($6.80)
~Poached Lettuce ($6.80)

First off, the food here were all really heavy in flavours (重口味), which suited me to a T! The highlight was their Wagyu Mapo Tofu, an interesting (and numbing) fusion dish with tender, marbled slices of Japanese A3 wagyu beef. Other dishes I liked were the Stir-Fried Rattan Chicken, the Traditional Sichuan Stir-Fry Pork Belly, and Fried Shredded Potato (I was genuinely surprised by how good this was). Would definitely revisit again if I’m in the area and craving for good Sichuan food that won’t break the bank!