Being full house on a regular weekday night, it’s popularity was much evident.
We had their braised goose meat and the sauce was fabulous, perfect to go with a simple bowl of porridge. Added in goose web and wing too to enjoy some nice bites.
We had to try some of their highly raved dishes on our first visit, and their Cai Po Kueh Teow was definitely one. Agreed that it was no lacking in Wok Hei, and we liked the crunch from the Cai Po which fortunately didn’t add on extra saltiness to the dish. Hidden in the Kueh Teow were gems of aromatic crispy pork lard that we absolutely loved.
Lastly, the fried oyster omelette was recommended by their lady boss which impressed us too. Crispy yes, and the best part about it was the oysters within that were yummy without the least unpleasant taste that one would dread.
Three simple dishes and we were happily stuffed for the night, although the lavish spread of crabs and fishes on some other tables looked so enticing to us.