From Kokoro Ramen at The Bedok Marketplace, one of the most recent openings that only serve two types of ramen — Spicy Miso Ramen and a Tonkotsu Ramen.

First taste of the spicy Miso broth and I must say I actually found myself liking it quite a bit; it's thick and rich without being too salty or MSG-laden — in fact, there is this light tinge of sweetness that lingers around that makes one want to go on and on with the spicy Miso broth. It's also notably spicy; definitely could feel the kick despite it being very manageable for me — in fact, I found the spiciness to be really balanced for it does not overwhelm the flavours of the broth thus adding a little bit of dimension to the flavours in the entire bowl. Condiments such as black fungus and corn are included; the Cha Shu is a little bit on the lean side here but gives a meaty bite with a strip of fats for a chewier texture. If there is anything to improve on, it had to be the flavoured egg; it lacks the gooey yolk in the centre and the yolk was almost fully solidified. That aside, it is actually quite a good bowl of ramen flavour-wise; pretty sold by the spicy Miso broth already!