Bao Boy has been on my list since they first announced their concept along Hong Kong street and, alright it took me awhile, but I’m glad to say I got my chubby arse there at last. Here’s their Halibut Fish & Chip Bao ($16), which I gotta say is absolutely fantastic if not for the slightly disproportionate portion of tartar sauce. Fish is sweet and utterly tender, perfectly golden, disintegrating with a slight nudge and releasing a flood of juices in every bite. I’d down a fish & chips like this any day, which really is the point isn’t it. The coleslaw was light and refreshing, lotus leaf bun was soft and fluffy (though oddly cold, like out-of-the-refrigerator kinda cold), and the housemade tartar sauce was super tasty. My only beef was they really slapped on that tartar, so much that it was completely overwhelming the fabulous fish.⁣

I just read that this concept’s a pop up that will run only till 8 Dec 2019 though, so make your reservations quick and grab yourselves some amazeballs bao! ⁣

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