We were hunting for cheap eats in the Geylang area and we chanced upon L32 Handmade Noodles, which seemed like a really popular stall that has been receiving rave reviews! When we reached on a weekday evening, the coffee shop was somewhat crowded and we had to wait for a few minutes to get an empty table. You may have to wait for a longer period on weekends since the coffee shop really isn't that big to begin with.

While the stall sells handmade noodles in both the dry and soup versions, we decided to go for the soupy ban mian as we wanted something warm for a rainy day. We ordered the meatball version (~$5.00), which comes with a generous serving of ban mian, 6 meatballs, minced pork and a large amount of ikan bilis and fried onions.

The ban mian was slightly chewy and doughy, and we really loved that texture as it felt like authentic hand-pulled flour noodles. Don't worry though, as the noodles are not chewy to the point where they are hard to eat. Meatballs were decent too and the fried ikan bilis really gives the dish some flavour.

The highlight was really the soup, however, as it was pretty light and doesn't taste overly salty like that in most handmade noodle stalls. In fact, we thought the soup was mildly sweet - perhaps it has been simmered with seafood such as prawns for a while? In any case, we thought the dish was an especially comforting meal for a rainy day!

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