Another new outlet in Newest! From the name of the shop, I was guessing this is a Japanese donut outlet. But other than the name, I cannot feel anything Japanese about it and this is not your traditional deep fried donut.

Rather it is a baked puff pastry with different types of fillings inside, glazed with a sugary coating on the outside. They are smaller than your average donut and much more expensive than your average donut, at $3.80 a pop. Currently they have 5 different fillings - Signature Apple, Crispy Pineapple, Japanese Sweet Potato, Awesome Durian and Apple Earl Grey.

I tried the Crispy Pineapple and Awesome Durian. Legit fruit fillings inside small puff pastries, especially the Crispy Pineapple. The puff pastry was no longer flaky, mainly due to the time taken to reach home so please reheat before eating.

For those with sweet tooth, by all means please try this.

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