We were checking out the famous stalls during our first visit to Kim Keat Palm Hawker Centre, and Old Long House popiah came out as a must-try stall! We ordered two popiahs from them, one spicy and one non-spicy, as we wanted to try out both flavours. Each popiah costs $1.80 now, which is the standard price across many stalls these days.

We liked that the popiah had some fried crunchy bits in them - this probably sets it apart from many other popiah sold elsewhere in Singapore. In addition, the turnip was fairly dry, which means that the skin will not be soggy and your popiah is a lot less likely to disintegrate when you pick it up! We also like the chilli, which added quite a bit of flavour to the popiah. While the chilli isn't that spicy, it may pack a kick to those of you who can't take spicy food. 😨 Do expect a long queue on weekends as each popiah is made to order!

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