One of the last restaurants where you can wrap your own Popiah. Located along Kampong Bahru Road in a HDB estate, the place has seen better days. The walls are covered with pictures of celebrities who ate here, a testimony to its passage of time and great taste.

The popiah comes in sets of 6, 12 and 20. Our group of 3 could hardly finish the smallest set because we wanted to try some of their other items on the menu. There was also plenty of turnip left over after we wrapped all six pieces of popiah skin. My suggestion for bigger groups would be to take a smaller set and order extra popiah skins.

This time around, I find the popiah skin dryer than normal. Two of my friends who were novices managed to break the skin during wrapping. The chilli sauce is still as murderously spicy as usual. The turnip was a tad darker than usual so it was a bit weird.

But the fish maw soup, the ngoh hiang and Ah Gong Fried Mee Suah were just perfect. So for those who do not like popiah, this restaurant has other Hokkien dishes to impress you.

I am sure I’ll be back. Even if it’s not for the fun of DIY popiah, there are many other gems in the menu.