Amazing dining experience at this playful and bold mod sin izakaya taking inspiration from asian local flavors. They have a pretty extensive list of small and medium plates and cocktails inspired by the origins of our 5 pillars - indian, chinese, malay and Peranakan/Eurasian. 3 of us shared 4 small plates and 3 medium plates We were impressed (mostly yes) with everything we ordered and another trip is highly necessary to try the rest of the menu!

1. Har Cheong Pork Belly [$8.90] - Thinly sliced pork belly marinated with fermented prawn paste and fried to a crisp. Comes with Kafir lime aioli. Be warned, highly addictive!

2. Tandoori Beef papadum nachos [$8.50] - crispy papadum comes with tandoori beef mince, yoghurt and cheese sauce!

3. Iberico secreto satay [$10.80] I always have a soft spot for satay, and this one is not to be missed! Very well seasoned iberico pork, comes with Javanese satay sauce and a very refreshing pineapple salsa. Bingo!

4. “Orh luak” oyster omelette spaghettini [$20] If you like oyster omelette, you should try this! Comes with juicy plump oysters, with some extra heat from the spicy dried shrimp chili.

5. “La zi Ji” popcorn chicken [$8] Another must order! The Szechuan peppercorn was extremely tantalizing on those golden brown crispy chicken thigh chunks. I’ll say this version is even better than some chinese restaurants I have been to.

6. Miso spring onion 3 cheese spring onion prata pizza [$13.80] Not the most outstanding dish of the night. I guess it’s just cheese on very crispy prata 😂

7. Aburaage Rojak salad [$12.80] Super interesting dish that takes the classic rojak to the next level! This version comes with aburaage (fried Japanese tofu), tiger prawn, jicama, mango topped with bonito flakes. The best part would have been to be the hae gor (prawn paste) ice cream with grated ginger torch flower. Love love the punchy rich prawn essence encapsulated in a creamy milky cold version. Amazing! Could eat that on its own 😋

8. Deep fried Matcha latte [$8] - deep fried matcha milk cubes, comes with whipped adzuki. Not bad!

9. Chendol [$8.50] - pandan panna cotta, house made honeycomb, gula melaka and coconut ice cream. A tad sweet though no better way to end the delicious meal.