Wow Mcdonald's has certainly upped their game with this Minion edition.
Initially thought it was all very gimmicky but ended up being very pleasantly surprised.

Minion Potatoes: Adorable as these were, it was my least favourite. Wayy too salty, and aside from that, not much taste. I'll be sticking to the standard fries!

Banana Pie: This tasted like a perfectly fried banana empanada. The exterior was delightfully crunchy and banana filling was sweet and generous. Best of all, it wasn't greasy!

Banana Sundae: I agree with prior reviews that it resembled the Dutch Lady banana milk (which I love). Banana taste wasn't overpowering and it isn't too far off from their normal vanilla ice cream which melts really quickly. I enjoyed it, and it went well with the chocolate fudge.

Spicy Nuggets: I like the heat! Inititally I couldn't taste it, but it creeps up to you gently after a short while. It was quite mild to me, but I've heard others say it's pretty spicy.

Overall, yes, I am impressed!
Thanks to my big bro who brought me on this spontaenous drive-thru at 11pm and ordered everything there was in the series after he learnt that I haven't tried any of it yet... even though he just had them the day before. A few years down the road, you may have your own kids pestering you to bring them to Macs for these, but for now you're stuck with me. <3