Not too smitten by this though. I did like that the ice-cream had only a kiss of oolongcha, so it was mild enough for anybody (even those who aren't keen on tea) to enjoy. There was a medium-sized brownie cube buried underneath too, which was a nice surprise though I think preemptively cutting it up into bite-sized pieces would allow one to enjoy it with a scoop of the softserve. 😬

The puffle was a combination of all things wrong, however - thin, brittle and possessing an insignificant amount of matcha flavour. Yet, I don't know what's a good benchmark for it, as I've never had one prior to this? Can anyone enlighten me please?! 😦

I guess…I have mixed opinions about this. It didn't meet my expectations, but it's not awful by a mile either? Ah well, at least I got the chance to try it! (6.8/10)