Hadn't had a Mille Crepe from Lady M for quite a while; the launch of their Champagne Mille Crepe definitely got me quite intrigued. Featuring Strawberry-accented pastry cream, handmade crepes, and French champagne gelee, the Champagne Mille Crepe is pretty much a notch above their usual Mille Crepe offerings even in terms of price, costing $16++ per slice. Essentially a fancier version of their signature Original Mille Crepe, the Champagne Mille Crepe carries the same consistency in terms of texture; a very tightly-packed crepe cake that feels well-integrated — every slice with the fork comes off neatly without the different layers sliding away from each other, which is something I utterly enjoy with Lady M's mille crepes. Otherwise, the soft champagne gelee over the top provides a light boozy note almost akin to that of sparkling rose, and the tartness of the strawberry pastry cream helps to cut through those notes to strike a balance for a clean finish — very fitting for the festive season indeed.