I usually like having my yong tau foo dry and tossed in chilli, but a rainy day like this calls for a comforting bowl of yong tau foo soup. The Yong Tau Foo Set ($6.30) comes with a standard bowl of yong tau foo bee hoon soup and a fried chicken wing.

Each bowl of yong tau foo comes with a fixed set of ingredients comprising of fried beancurd, stuffed bitter gourd and a variety of prawn, pork and fish paste rolls. The ingredients are fresh and my favourites include the crunchy prawn paste (虾滑) and the soft fried beancurd that soaks up the light but flavourful soup. The chilli sauce adds a fiery kick, which is much welcomed.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that this displaces my love for the conventional yong tau foo where you get to pick and choose your favourite ingredients and drench it in chilli, but it does check off the boxes for comfort food on a rainy day.