Pistachio, Strawberry Jelly, Bavarian Cream, Meringue. Given how the menu lists out the ingredients and how it is presented, it can be a little easy to assume that the Jade was going to turn out as a plated dessert. The Jade itself probably refers to the entremet here, which is essentially pistachio mousse cake with strawberry jelly encased within — the mousse felt it could have been smoother; a little airy while the finishing could have been a little more refined overall though it did carry a light hint of pistachio while the slight tartness of strawberry attempts to cut though the nuttiness, both being rather subtle at the same time. It comes with a myriad of other condiments, including meringue, cut fruit that is intricately positioned on the plate and a scoop of Speculoos ice-cream sitting atop a bed of crumbles — all of the elements quite decent and nice to have but didn't felt integral to the dessert overall. The overall composition was similar to just an entremet (or if you prefer it, cake) served with ice-cream on the side — just didn't feel like it was composed to be one item in totality. Probably would need a little refinement for the execution of the entremet and a more holistic concept to work on for a stronger identity.