[Halal] Burger King has always been one of my top selections for fast food, even with the emergence of various new fast food joints. Yet, it has been months since I've had anything from it, thanks to my constant lookout for new places to try. 🤔

But I heard the other day that they were having The Ultimate Selection burgers. I thought it was the perfect time to drop by for a visit! I had the Angus Beef Mushroom Swiss, which consisted of a corn-dusted sourdough bun, an Angus beef patty, Swiss cheese, some onions and their classic mushroom sauce.

For fast food standards, I guess it wasn't too bad. The satisfying juicy patty, together with the Swiss cheese and unique mushroom sauce, was passable. Couldn't find anything noteworthy about the bun, but I liked that it was lightly toasted and was accentuated by the grainy texture. The portion was awfully small though. I was hoping for a few more bites for my enjoyment to culminate, but it was over too soon! 😢

A meal of this is $9.90. It's pricey for what it offers, but it's worth a try if you ask me! 😛 (7/10)