Besides the many printing shops and dim sum place that this place is known for, there’s actually several hidden gems that’s changing the landscape of this place. Recommended by @gladysng_27, there’s two pit stops that you have to make when here, one a little Japanese eatery and another a bakery wizardry. Located at the centre of the first level, they are located a few units away from each other and you will most probably miss it if you didn’t look closely as there’s no fanciful decoration both inside and out. However, if there’s one thing that you can rely on, it’s definitely your sense of smell. My first stop is to Ichi Tei and there was no denying me from getting the Saba Set ($10), which was absolutely a steal and value-for-money set as you get a huge piece of grilled saba that has been spiced with shio, miso soup, Japanese rice and a side salad. The star of the show is undeniably the saba as it was grilled perfectly and with a squeeze of lemon, it elevated the dish and gives life to it, with the right balance of tangy and savoury while the meat cooked to the right texture. Next up, it’s to Oven Marvel, which is a homemade bakery that’s so discreet that you wouldn’t know how popular they are. Specialising in only chicken pies, muffins and curry puffs, most stuff are baked to order and usually gets sold out very quickly. Based on the few minutes that I was there, there were several people who went in, got their pre-ordered items that are packed in boxes and left, which is a testament to their popularity. Even their countertop don’t have much bakes left on sale, however we were fortunately to sample their curry puff ($2.80), which was filled with generous portions of potato cubes and chicken meat, encased in a wonderful buttery pastry.
📍Ichi Tei & Oven Marvel
91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza, Unit 01-52 and 01-55, Singapore 189652