Previously mentioned how amazing @keensbagelry are🤤🤤 & I’m back with another🎉

Their bagels 🥯 are still as delicious as I remembered them to be‼️ You can check out my previous post on the 7th August for the full description!🥰

HEHEHEHE this was a humongous bagel!🥯😱🤩 Would call this the ‘BAGEL STACK’ 🤣 Sandwiched with ingredients on top of ingredients😮‍💨🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Starting from the bottom, you have the Bagel 🥯 base, Tomatoes 🍅, Turkey Ham slices, Chicken 🍗 Ham slices, Legendary Scrambled Eggs 🍳, Salt🧂& Pepper, Hashbrown, Beef Bacon 🥓, Sriracha sauce, Torched Cheese🧀, Truffle Mayo sauce & LaStLyYy the bagels ‘cap’ 🧢🤭

If you’re there early, you can grab some plain bagels 🥯 home 🏡 too!!!🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Customised Bagel 🥯

[NOTE: The customised bagel 🥯 is a special order & it’s not on the menu🫣😅]

Thank you so much @keensbagelry for the invited tasting🥰🥰

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