A snug space that fills up nightly, this longtime yakitori bar is a surefire win when it comes to having a smokin' good supper with sake. Head here with a friend after an early dinner for a casual chat over great grills. Amidst sizzling sounds, the bar can be quite noisy so opt for a regular table if you're not planning to watch the chef work on the grill. The menu doesn't stray far from the classic yakitori selections, but we noted an exciting Gyutan (beef tongue, RM8) in the mix. If you have yet to venture into the wilder side of yakitori, this is a good place to start. Also done well here are less common parts like Bonjiri (bishop's nose, RM4) — fatty, flavoursome and perfect with a drink — and crunchy Nankotsu (soft bones, RM5). There is also comforting Satsumabata (baked sweet potato in butter, RM10), which Burppler Esther Chai commends for its superb seasoning. Supper cannot go on without a bowl of Edamame (RM8), the snack to go alongside some Sake (from RM54) to share.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Ching Yean