8 Sep'17, Fri
Lunch set at Dandelion Cafe~~~🍝🍵
- Norwegian Salmon Aglio Olio
- Thai Milk Tea

Not bad at all, something I like abt the pasta is the hardness, not too hard and not too soft...🙊 With the garlic, shredded cheese and the salmon, perfect match okay~~~ What a decent lunch set can~~~

But to be honest, I don't think I will travel all the way here for their lunch, as in, they are decent and I might go back again if I'm around the area but not as fantastic as to the extent I will travel a long distance for...🤣

Maybe I'll try their waffles next time if I'm ard the area, heard that's their signature...😄

Damage: $12 nett (no svc charge, no gst)

Note: A small cafe with limited seats (indoor perhaps less than 20 seats available, and outdoor seats probably abt 12, I think?), so if you intend to go in a big group, you may like to go early / check the availability...

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