So happy that the folks behind Merely Ice-Cream had expanded — they had just opened their new outlet at Our Tampines Hub on Saturday, making it more convenient for easties to have their ice-cream fix with their unique flavours. Currently not everything from the main branch is available; for instance, the Tampines outlet had not yet started serving waffles nor beverages.

The Oreo Milk is everything I remembered it to be — one of my few go-to flavours at Merely Ice-Cream when I just don't want to try nor decide. I always liked how it's like the ice-cream version of the Oreo Crush drink that bubble tea stalls offer; the flavours of Oreo so much richer than your usual cookies and cream offering, yet still comes with crumbs to chew on. Congratulations to the folks behind Merely Ice-Cream for the opening of their second outlet!